Is Freemasonry in North America dying?

The total number of regular Freemasons in North America will drop below one million members by 2020.  Read "Laudable Pursuit II" to find out why.

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Freemasonry around the world is thriving

There are Masonic lodges and grand lodges around the world that are thriving. Read "Laudable Pursuit II" to find out where.

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What does the future hold for Freemasonry?

What will happen to regular Freemasonry in North America?  Will grand lodges amalgamate?

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Who are the Knights of the North?

The Knights of the North were originally a group of anonymous Freemasons from Indiana established at the turn of the Millennium who published “Laudable Pursuit”. It then quietly expanded to inviting members across North America and became a Masonic think-tank in researching the reasons behind the decline of regular Freemasonry on the continent and solutions to try and turn the tide.  Members published Masonic resource websites, some which still stand today.  Some of the Knights were instrumental in establishing The Masonic Society while some left the fraternity altogether.

After a multi-year hiatus, in 2012, a few of the remaining Knights resurrected the organization, reconnected with well-known “alumni” and carefully invited more worthy Masons locally, nationally, and internationally to establish a world-wide organization, with age groups represented ranging from the 20s to 70 years of age.  Some of the members published books regarding their vision of the Craft.  In general, the Knights of the North are dedicated to the “laudable pursuit” of inspiring and providing guidelines to all Masons on how to revitalize regular Freemasonry in their lodges, grand lodges, and other bodies by progressing it to a level of excellence that befits its established usages, customs, tenets and principals.

Now, there is still much work to be done.     


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